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We have spent over six months designing a property course that is a perfect blend of real estate investment strategies and coaching. The aim of the 8 week program is to give you the skills and tools to allow you develop your own real estate investment strategy that matches your long term goals. The 8 week program will commence the 27th May 2021 


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The moment one commits providence moves too. 

I have a degree in property economics, am a chartered surveyor and 17 years experience working in real estate. I did not want to create a course that was just an explainer on the property industry. I wanted to create a course that empowered people to set goals and take action and design long term strategies for real estate investment. However, I am not a coach and have never build a training program so I enlisted the help from a expert in coaching, leadership and a lecture in Trinity Business School who has loads of experience in designing courses.

Shane Fleming MRICS MSCSI

topics Covered

Myths Of Real Estate

What is really possible in real estate and the myths that are holding you back.


Learn have to analyze a deal and complete market research

How to define Goals

One of the main aims of the course is to help you create and know your goal in real estate.

Property Strategies

Investment strategies can always be adopted, but we will review a number of strategies.

Helpful Spreadsheets

As the course progresses we will provide you with helpful tools to review deals.

Due Diligence

We will cover all the property 101 basics and fundamentals, from buying to tax.

Weekly Group q&A

Our 8 week program will be online and will allow time each week for Q&A.

How to get Started

No matter where you are this course will give you the tools to set out a road map.

Real Estate Coaching

Course Content

The goal of this course is not just to teach the 101 of property investing. The real goal is to empower people to set achievable goals and take action. This course is as much about life coaching as it is property investing. 

Shane Fleming Fleming Real Estate

Why We created this Program

Since starting up a YouTube channel, I get asked all the time what is the best way to get started in real estate investment. I find it a very hard question to answer as the answer differs for everyone. 

In an effort to help answer this question, I joined forces with a expert in coaching and leadership, that also lectures in Trinity Business School. Over six months ago we set out to design a course that was a blend of property investing and life coaching; as I believe the key to successful property investing is developing long terms strategies. 

I did not want to just explain property investing. (I think you can get that from YouTube or books.) Instead, I wanted to provide people with the skills and tools to design their own property investment strategies that matched their personal long term goals. 


When we set out to design the course the plan was to create a number of coaching videos and upload them on to a training platform. However, once the course was created we knew it had to be more interactive and decided on offering the course live online over 8 weeks and also limiting the numbers within each group to ensure each member got the most from the course. 


By the end of this course, you will have a personalized long term property investment strategy to create wealth and achieve your personal property goals.


Course Mentors

Shane Fleming Fleming Real Estate

Shane Fleming MRICS MSCSI

I believe it is important to always be learning. I know I still so much to learn. With over 17 year’s experience in real estate I also have a lot of insight to share. I have been involved in over a billion worth of property transactions. 

I have run my own property consultancy for over five years and in the past have worked with Tesco, IBRC and JLL where I homed my real estate skills in acquisitions and disposals. I currently specialising in investment advice, acquisitions, commercial rent reviews, asset management and boutique sales. Clients include, McDonald’s, Circle K, Whiplash, Melcorpo Commercial Properties and a host of private investors. 

I continue to grow my knowledge, last year I completed a course on urban development from Harvard X and this year I have started a course in NYU on international real estate. 


Christine Mahoney MA ACC

I am a lecturer and doctoral candidate at Trinity College Dublin. My research  specializes in creative implementation strategies for leader development. Prior to my career as a coach and researcher, I worked in New York City as a Senior Vice President at Bank of America and a consultant at Ernst & Young.  Before coaching, I often believed that there were only a singular set of options for my development in front of me to choose from. Coaching helped me to expand my mindset and thus my options. I am very excited to bring coaching into a real estate course because real estate investment is a huge opportunity for personal development and lifestyle changes. And I believe that coaching partners really well with embarking on new potential paths.


Christine Mahoney coach Leadership Expert

8 Week Real Estate Coaching €437

Numbers on the course will be limited so make sure to pre-register to secure a spot.